Connecticut Ave/Jones Bridge Project

In case residents have not received the attached notification in the mail related to the utility work along Jones Bridge Rd, please find it here.  The flyer includes contact information for Pepco and Washington Gas.  Residents are encouraged to contact the Village Manager with any questions or concerns related to the project, as the Village has additional points of contact at both utility companies and with SHA and can combine inquiries. Connecticut Ave Jones Bridge Project

Tree Plantings along 3800 Block of Inverness


MDOT SHA – Office of Environmental Design – Landscape Programs Division will be installing a Landscape Screen (evergeen, flowering, and shade trees) behind the right-of-way fence adjacent to Inverness Drive in June. The preparatory work will begin at 8 a.m. this Thursday, June 6. This contract is to address screening requests to establish a denser landscape buffer between Inverness Dr and the I-495 Eastbound on-ramp.  SHA’s contractor, Ashton Manor Environmental, will be accessing the site from Inverness Dr in order to unload plant material and load up debris from behind the fence in a safe location. 


Permit 9009 Kensington Pkwy

Residents – According to the Village rules/regulations, an application for a building permit should be considered by the Village Council within no more than 35 days after receipt.  The Village received the attached application at the May 7 annual meeting — there is a 41-day gap until the next Council meeting (June 18).  The Council can approve the permit at a special meeting, occurring more than 10 days after receipt of the completed application, assuming all supporting documentation has been provided.  
The Council wants to provide residents with an opportunity to review the attached permit for 9009 Kensington Parkway, which involves adding 1200 square feet as an addition to the back of the property with a fence.  The addition is within the required setback.  Please find attached the application and site plan.  Permit 9009 Kensington Pkwy  If residents have any concerns or questions, please contact the Village Manager by Monday, May 27 at [email protected] or 301-654-7084.  The Village Council plans to formally review the permit by Tuesday, May 28.    
Please note that the owner has received a permit for a dumpster to address interior renovations at this point.