Pet of the Month: Carlitos!

Hi I am Carlitos.  I am part Chihuahua and some other things too.  I am 7 years old. I used to have a different owner but she lost her job and couldn’t take care of me anymore.  She left me on Kathleen and Jim’s doorstep.  I was scared.   Kathleen and Jim love dogs.  They took good care of me and helped me feel better.  But they already have a dog and couldn’t keep me so they called Sherri.  Sherri and her family already have a dog so Sherri called my new mom.  Lisa, Federico and their son Max fostered me for a few days.  I was ON MY BEST BEHAVIOR and they said I can stay!!!!  I wanted to show them how happy I was, so when I was on a walk with Max I escaped my harness and ran all the way back to their house to show them I know where my new forever home is. 

Pet of the Month/Ms. Daisy

Provided by Daisy’s 8-year old person.

Daisy is a Havanese. Daisy is very playful. She loves to play ball and chase. Daisy loves to sleep on my lap. She is very funny. She is usually very quiet. When visitors come she barks then she gets used to them. She knows some people around here, like my friend Max.  She doesn’t bite that much. She loves to play with her dog friend next door. Daisy loves to play with her toys. Her favorite toy is a strawberry squeaky toy. She can run faster than me. She can also out run me. Daisy is always happy. She likes to take my stuffy’s. She doesn’t like to take baths. Daisy snores when she sleeps. She likes to sleep on my robe. She likes to go on walks. She loves to run. She has a lot of energy. She sleeps in the afternoon. We got her December 28, 2018. Daisy is six months old.

Pet of the Month – March 2019

Meet Paddy — the new pup on the block. He is an 8 year old terrier mix who moved to the Village at the end of February. He was originally rescued on St. Paddy’s Day by his previous owner and lived in Elkton, MD. Paddy is friendly and energetic. He enjoys running, long walks, eating treats and meeting new dogs and their owners.  He has a fondness for horses and loves chasing groundhogs and squirrels. He is excited to explore his new surroundings and we hope you you’ll stop and say hi if you see us in the neighborhood.

Pet of the Month for November/Miss Flora

Flora is a Catahoula, the State Dog of Louisiana, known for hunting and herding wild pigs. Flora’s mottled black and gray coat is typical for the breed. A six year-old spayed shelter rescue, Flora lives with a red tabby cat named Huxley and walks daily through the neighborhood and through woods in Rock Creek Park. She loves kids, especially her owners’ 11 and 6 year-old grandchildren.


Pet of the Month for August — Her Royal Highness Star Bear!

Meet Star Bear! Star is a 17-year-old woolly coat Siberian Husky. She has lived on Husted Drive since 2003. Rescued at the age of 14 months, her favorite activities are walking, swimming and being outside especially in winter weather! Star recently retired from working at a nonprofit in Friendship Heights where she helped her Mom promote plant-based diets and alternatives to the use of animals in research and medical training. Star is enjoying her retirement hanging out with her Aunt Eileen on Inverness Drive. Star has pushed through several health challenges, including recently losing her vision, and passes along her thanks for the love and support she has received from many NCC neighbors. 

Pet of the Month for July — Oliver!

Still a pup, Oliver is 8 months old and super friendly! He’s a very light golden retriever often referred to as “English Creme”. A fantastic addition to our family and a joy to have around Oliver loves fritos, children, lacrosse balls, his paddling pool and wrestling with our area rugs!

Pet of the Month for May — Mr. Twain

Twain is a 45 lb Labradoodle who arrived to us in September of 2010.  He is one of the best members of our family; thrives on exercise, mini treats, visits with both two legged and four legged friends and family. He has a couple of bad habits: raiding outdoor clothing pockets to latch on to some leftover treats, and barking if so much as a moth flies by our property.  Anecdotally, he and I have many discussions, when we pass by, about the loss to the community of the Chevy Chase Lake Market.

Pet of the Month –Scout

Scout is a 8-month old miniature poodle. She is a playful and mischievous puppy who loves the company of humans and dogs alike. Although she loves to play with others she can also keep herself entertained well with rocks in the backyard or by pulling a roll of toilet paper through the house. Scout is made recognizable by her perfectly imperfect under-bite. If you meet her you will see her bottom teeth sticking out as a result of this, but know that it is not her baring her teeth and she is approachable and friendly! Her favorite toys are her yellow and orange polka-dotted squeaky bone and a yellow leg that she tore off her first stuffed animal, and her favorite treats are Gala apples and Vace pizza crust.